Mission And Values

At Zain Foods we believe that the best recipe for our wellbeing can be found in nature.

We have traveled far & wide to make sure that our ingredients are sourced from environments where the native climate & soil allows nature to live to its full potential and from farmers who share our values.

We utilize the latest manufacturing technology to be able to bring nature’s most delicious recipes to people who are looking for a convenient way to live a naturally healthy lifestyle.


At Zain Foods, we follow the highest of safety and hygiene standards, we ensure that our products meet the required standards of quality, health and hygiene each and every time. We invests in internationally renowned practices and standards across our supply chain to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Sustainability is something we really cares about, for acting with foresight and care is not just economically wise, but also in terms of nature and society. Thinking and acting proactively is the pre-condition for doing the right thing when making our daily decisions.

Strategic Business Sections

We occupy different strategic business fields.

The company carries the role of a producer and sales company, we also concerns commissioned fillings, as a service provider, Zain Food fill for other producers of beverages, with proper high technique, filling installation of glass bottles.